Rabbit Leader – The Good the Bad the Ugly All in One [EP] [2020] [320kbps] [Solidfiles / WDfiles]

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V.A. – Metal Hammer The 100 Greatest Songs of the Century [2021] [320kbps] [Solidfiles / WDfiles]

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As Everything Unfolds – Within Each Lies the Other [2021] [320kbps] [Solidfiles / WDfiles]

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Bring Me the Horizon – Post Human Survival Horror [2020] [M4a~256kbps] [Mega / Fireload]

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The Amity Affliction – Discografía [2005-2020] [M4a~320kbps] [Uptobox / Google Drive]

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Thermo – Discografía [2002-2017] [VBR~128~320kbps] [Mega / Fireload]

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SiM – Thank God, There Are Hundreds Of Ways To Kill Enemies [2020] [320kbps] [Mediafire]

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V.A. – 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Hits [2020] [320kbps] [ZP/UB]

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